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“(Un)certain Crimes” – Bastian “attt” Santen Playthrough online!

Watch attt pounding wood in his new playthrough of “(Un)certain Crimes” – taken from our latest album ‘Truth In Between’ – now at...

“You Asked For It” anniversary sale!

We’re celebrating our EP’s 4th birthday by a special event in our store: the last copies of the original, autographed first press version...

Ricky Wagner – Guitar lessons!

Now is your chance to get a full hour straight online guitar lesson by our very own Ricky! Click HERE for all details!...

“The Last Suffer” – Ricky Wagner Playthrough online!

Watch Ricky shredding his way through “The Last Suffer”, our album’s raging final track, now fully at BACKSTAGE – our new and interactive,...

Danke Fahrdorf!

Last Saturday we performed our first attendend show since the pandemic, in Fahrdorf. It felt special and still a bit unreal… Thanks to...

First live show since the pandemic tomorrow!

First rehearsals since half a year – first live show tomorrow since the pandemic… in front of real people! We’re tearing down Fahrdorf...

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