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New single coming this Friday!

We’re going to release another single off of our upcoming EP “New World Murder”, featuring guest vocals by no other than Teutonic thrash...

New EP unboxing!

Rezetbangers, watch Lorenz unboxing our upcoming EP – to be released on May 27th!

“Mosh Im Mai” this Weekend!

We’re going to headline the 16th edition of “Mosh Im Mai”, the ultimate Metal festival in Northern Germany’s capital, Kiel! REZET will hit...

Pre-order “New World Murder”!

New EP is coming on May 27th! Pre-order here: Get your “New World Murder”-Bundle; signed Digipack and Shirt now directly from our...

2022 Tour Dates announced!

Rezetbangers, see the band live at the following German dates this year (more shows added soon!): April 30: Mosh im Mai 2022, Kiel...

“New World Murder” out May 27th!

“New World Murder” to be released May 27th via Odyssey Music / Rough Trade Distribution! Pre-order your copy or bundle HERE! Our new...

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