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REZET confirmed for “Iron Fest – The Third Attack”!

As this year’s festival season is coming to an end, we’re thrilled to announce the first one for us coming next year! REZET...

“Populate. Delete. Repeat” – live from Hamburg!

Watch “Populate. Delete. Repeat.” live in Hamburg (GER) – now on our Facebook! Recorded at the “Bambi Galore” club on September 9th.

Danke, Hamburg!

REZET and crew want to thank everybody involved in yesterday’s show at the “Bambi Galore” in Billstedt/Hamburg (GER)! Although teutonic Thrash legends TANKARD...

Supporting TANKARD in Hamburg this Friday!

Our next show will be in support of Frankfurt’s TANKARD – one of the Teutonic Big Four in Thrash – at the “Kronensaal”...

Our status quo in Ricky’s words…

REZET frontman Ricky Wagner just shared his thoughts about the current situation, playing live again and working with “the best lineup” to date....

“Dead End Walking” – Fischer Playthrough online!

Check out our axe slinger Fischer performing “Dead End Walking” off of our new EP, right HERE!  

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