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Rezet- Out August 30th, 2024 -

  1. Opus 1984.2
  2. Time To Die
  3. Unholy Grail
  4. Duck & Cover
  5. Burning Prophets
  6. Together Apart
  7. Prisoner Of Fate
  8. Killing Spree
  9. Atmosfear
  10. True As Lies (feat. Lips)
  11. World War Z
  12. Into The Abyss

Latest News

“Unholy Grail” Tees out now!

Rezetbangers, check out our new, exclusive Shirts for our single “Unholy Grail”! Get yours straight from our BANDCAMP!

“Duck & Cover” Playthrough online!

Watch Lorenz laying down bass on our latest single HERE!

“Duck & Cover” – live in Hamburg!

We performed our new Single already during the last European Tour – HERE in Hamburg! Lars B.

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