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“Truth In Between” out now!

Dear all, today is the day: our new album “Truth In Between” is being released! It’s always kind of giving birth to a...

Win a LIVE STREAM SHOW – Bundle!

Rezetbangers, our new album “Truth In Between” will come to life this Friday, January 29th! Now is your chance to win a limited...

Recording – A Truth In Between

Recording – A Truth In Between Cancelling all tour plans and straight into the studio: watch the band explain how they survived 2020...

“Deceived By Paradise” out now!

“Deceived By Paradise” – the third single from our upcoming album – is out now! Watch the video on YouTube or stream the...

New single coming this Friday!

Our new video/single “Deceived By Paradise” will be unleashed this Friday, January 15th!

LIVE STREAM SHOW! – A night out with REZET

Fans and friends, January 29th, 2021, marks the release date of our new album, “Truth In Between”! That day is a Friday. The...

Heavy new year, Rezetbangers!

Heavy new year, Rezetbangers!

“Have Gun, Will Travel” – anniversary collection!

Now is the last chance to celebrate our debut album’s 10th anniversary! Check out our new HGWT – collection at our SHOP!

Heavy X-Mas, Rezetbangers!

Heavy X-Mas & Metal holidays, Rezetbangers!

Digital Remasters out now!

Rezetbangers! Here’s our pre-Xmas gift for y’all: our first two albums “Have Gun, Will Travel” (2010) and “Civic Nightmares” (2012) have been re-released...

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