Heavy-hearted, we need to inform all fans and followers that this upcoming Saturday’s live-stream show had to be cancelled due to one band member being currently in quarantine (as a contact person of first degree).
Meeting the current Corona-containment policies, he is not allowed to leave his place. Thus we simply cannot make it.
Meaning: REZET’s live stream show this Saturday (May 1st) in Neumünster, Germany, is cancelled.
Though the Pandemic is all around us in these days, still, this came as a shock. We so much wanted to present a very special nite to you – and then real life kicked in.
We hope to present this set up to you at some later stage nonetheless, when everyone in the band is safe and sound.
For the time being, it’s most important that everyone remains sane and happy.
Everybody please be strong and patient with the Pandemic, together we will overcome this monster!
Hope to see you all very soon again – in real life!