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Band – Heiko



Heiko Musolf


Date of birth:
March 18th 1996

Star sign:

Berlin Wedding (GER)

Lead & Rhythm Guitars; Backing Vocals

Member since:

Former Bands:
No Voltage; Coast of Madness; Kieran Robertson

Favorite Bands:
AC/DC; GnR; Exodus; Megadeth; RHCP; Sticky Fingers; Motley Crue…

Favorite Movies:
Inception; Matrix; 80’s Action & Cult Movies, Johnny Depp Movies (Dark Shadows is my fav)

Favorite TV Shows:
Utopia (Original British Version); Stranger Things; Rick & Morty

Favorite Books:
Rock Music Bios (Keith Richards – Life, The dirt, etc…), Eben Alexander – Proof of Heaven; Goethe – Italian Journey

Favorite Meal:
Anything vegan – lots of fruits and vegetables; tofu; my own meals are my favourite meals; Indian, Italian and Vietnamese for dining out.

Favorite Drink:
Tea; Whiskey; Baileys Coffee; Mango Lass; König Ludwig Weißbier; Czech Beer like Krusovice or Kozel.

Dare to take care of your passions in a serious way and you wont need hobbies!

Favorite Sports:
cycling; water sports (Wakeboard, Surf, Canoe); gym sports; hiking; climbing (anything but cardio, especially jogging). Would love to try winter sports and downhill cycling.

Favorite Rezet Songs:
Reality Is A Lie; Infinite End; I’m Not Gonna Stop; Minority Erazer

“Live and love free and infinite, open up your mind and heart.. Seek truth, observe, ask questions, stay hungry and avoid obsession. Take care of yourself in order to be there for others. Process anything you do or that happens to you with love, cause love is the highest pleasure, the highest frequency, and it will be all you ever need. We’re all in this material world for experience and growth. Live the life, be present. The past can’t be changed and the future does not exist. Go rock your heart out!”

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