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Band – Fischer





Date of birth:
February 21st 1987

Star sign:

Schleswig (GER)

Lead Guitar

Member since:
November 2021

Former Bands:
many, also together with “attt” before REZET. For now it’s REZET and Furio Grace.

Favorite Bands/Artists:
Led Zeppelin; Deep Purple; Black Sabbath; Queen; Rainbow; Scorpions; AC/DC; Aerosmith; Van Halen; Mötley Crüe; Eagles; Yngwie Malmsteen; Iron Maiden; Judas Priest; Metallica; Rage Against The Machine; Beatles; Chuck Berry; Cream; The Who; Hendrix; Santana; UFO; Lynyrd Skynyrd; Pink Floyd; Rory Gallagher; T-Rex; Stray Cats; Thin Lizzy; Gary Moore; Grand Funk Railroad; Toto; ABBA; Jamiroquai; Bee Gees; Rolling Stones; Nirvana; Audioslave; Guns’n’Roses; Horisont; Stevie Ray Vaughan; Stevie Wonder; Elton John; Ramones; ZZ Top; Mr. Big; The Kinks; Dream Theater; Electric Light Orchestra; Roy Orbison; Earth, Wind & Fire; Beach Boys; Supertramp; Chopin; Mozart; John Williams; Anne Sophie Mutter

Favorite Movies:
Match Point; Whiplash; Oldboy (Korea Original); Terminator 2; Once Upon A Time In West; Aliens; Departed; Jurassic Park; anything from Kubrick and Tarantino; Getaway

Favorite TV Shows:
Breaking Bad; Better call Saul; King Of Queens

Favorite Books:
Cooking & music stuff

Favorite Meal:
Noodles, bolognese

Favorite Drink:
Hot chocolate

Music and movies and talking about music and music.

Favorite Sports:
Soccer; Basketball

Favorite Rezet Songs:
Metal Rite; Thrash Their Hate; Toxic Avenger; Renegade


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