Reality Is A Lie (2016)

  1. Reality Is A Lie
  2. Madmen
  3. Dying By The States
  4. Dead City
  5. Cannibal's Revenge
  6. Breaking The Chains
  7. Checkmate (War Is Hell)
  8. Too Smart To Live
  9. Worm In The Core
  10. Lost
  11. Fight For Your Life
  12. Like A Wolf

Ricky Wagner - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Thorben Schulz - Lead Guitar & Back-Up Vocals
Lucas Grümmert - Bass Guitar & Back-Up Vocals
Bastian Santen - Drums & Back-Up Vocals
Joe McGuigan - Bass (Dead City)
Frank "Lemmy" Fellinger - Vocals (Dead City)

Produced by Ricky Wagner & Patrick Bieler
Engineered and recorded by Patrick Bieler at "Raum007" - Studios
Recorded in Schleswig, Northern Germany
Mixed by Patrick Bieler & Rezet
Mastering by Harris Johns at "Music Lab Berlin"

All songs written and arranged by Ricky Wagner
"Worm In The Core" written by Ricky Wagner, Thorben Schulz & Bastian Santen
"Dead City" written by Violent Force

All lyrics written by Ricky Wagner

Bastian Santen plays DRCustoms Drums exclusively.

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