Deal With It (2019)

  1. Behind Glass
  2. Treadmill To Hell
  3. Deal With It!
  4. No Plan B
  5. Thunder Raiders
  6. Alone
  7. Chaos In My Mind
  8. MDPV
  9. Dead Or White
  10. Spiral Down
  11. Pile Of Shards

Ricky Wagner - Lead, Rhythm & Acoustic Guitars, Vocals and Organ
Bastian "attt" Santen - Drums, Percussion and Back-Up Vocals
Bjarne Otto - Bass Guitars and Vocals
Heiko Musolf - Lead Guitars and Back-Up Vocals

Production, mix and master: Eike Freese
Assistent engineer: Denny Meißner
Pre-production: Torben "Kalli" Kall

Vocals, Drums and Lead Guitars recorded by Eike Freese and Denny Meißner at Chameleon Studios, Hamburg (GER) in September/October 2018
Rhythm guitars, Bass guitars, Organ and Percussion recorded by Torben Kall at Masa Ongo Studios, Schaalby (GER) in September/October 2018

Illustrations and graffiti: How-art and Rattus
Layout and photography: Niklas Bieler
Band inlay photography: Christoph Wedemann

Management: UMI Music
Publishing: Enorm Music
Booking: RODEOSTAR Booking

Bastian Santen plays DR Customs Drums