Göttingen show this Saturday!

REZET will be special guests for ÜBERGANG's record release show this Saturday, December 16th in Göttingen, Germany!

For more information visit the Official Facebook Event


REZET featured in new "Metal Inquisition"!

REZET are main topic in Jon Kruse's latest edition of online zine "Metal Inquisition" on YouTube!
Be sure to check out him and the band talking about the new EP "You Asked For It", the band's biography, touring and more:


Gießen under attack!

REZET will perform at the "Jokus" in Gießen, Germany this Saturday!
Supports are high energy live acts such as BLIZZEN, REFLEXOR and WITCHES STEEL. For more info visit the official Facebook event!



Photo by Christian Eisenmenger.



the band will perform at this year's "Metal Hammer Paradise" at Weissenhäuser Strand, Northern Germany!

REZET will be on Saturday - November 11th - 16:45 CET @ the "Riff Alm" indoor stage! Other acts on that day are KREATOR, TESTAMENT, DEATH ANGEL and more.
Some last minute tickets are still available, go try your luck at the event's official Homepage!


YOU ASKED FOR IT - they answered!

"[...] such an absolute overload of killer riffs it would have made Dave Mustaine piss his pants of jealousy in 1984!"

Four influental Metal musicians reviewed REZET's new EP "You Asked For It": DESTRUCTION's front beast "Schmier", ANVIL's drum icon "Robb Reiner", ENFORCER's singer/guitar maniac "Olof" and GAMA BOMB's bass nerd "Joe". Scroll down to all four quotes!

"REZET are the breed of the young savages. They are among the ones that hopefully will pursue the legacy of Thrash Metal in the future. Their new EP is faster and heavier than their older material and reminds me of the 80s American Speed Metal, some HALLOWS EVE riffs are blasting with doses of thrash and are blending into an own style of extreme music. Well done boys. The Dead Kennedys cover fits excellent into the album and is sure a highlight - there would be no Thrash without the good old Punk Rock. If you like it raw, wild, relentless & uncommercial, then you have to check out those German lunatics! Support the underground and the forthcoming rocketeers!!"

"REZET with current offering deliver youthful energy in the spirit of early Megadeth-style Thrash Metal, sounding tight, direct and honest to the craft...nice job boys!!"
- Robb Reiner (ANVIL)

"'You Asked For It' is such an absolute overload of killer riffs it would have made Dave Mustaine piss his pants of jealousy in 1984. This EP contains a bunch of thrash anthems catchier than any band of the old guard accomplished to make in decades."
- Olof Wikstrand (ENFORCER)

"Ass kicking full speed Teutonic Thrash in the tradition of Tankard + Kreator. Vocals and guitars have a real Megadeth snarl!"
- Joe McGuigan (GAMA BOMB)

Get your signed "You Asked For It" - copy at Merchland!


METAL HAMMER PARADISE Running Order announced!

Metal Hammer's finest - the "Metal Hammer Paradise" - unveiled their running order / timetable for this year's edition!

Have a look at it at the festival's Official Homepage!

REZET will perform on November 11th - 16:45 CET - at the "Riff Alm"-Stage!

For more informations visit Metal Hammer Paradise's official social media channels and web pages at:


FULL METAL SHIP this Saturday!

REZET will be headlining this October's edition of "Full Metal Ship" at Hamburg's "MS Stubnitz", organized by ICS (Wacken)!

"Blackdraft" and "Dystopolis" - both also hailing from Germany - will open the Metal Rite this Saturday.

Additional special features will contain:

  • Trash Bingo with machine
  • Tattoo stand by Harry Hafensänger
  • Aftershow Party with DJs of Ballroom HH
  • Support of "Inklusion Muss Laut Sein"
  • different contests: win 2 WOA VIP Tickets for 2018

For more info and tickets check out the Facebook Event Page!


ÜBERGANG Release Show!

REZET have been confirmed as special guests for ÜBERGANG's record release party in Göttingen (GER) on December 16th!

For more information visit the Official Facebook Event


REZET Bass (Ibanez TRB 200) for sale!
Get your own piece of REZET-History:
Bjarne's Ibanez TRB 200 is for sale now! Used from October 2016 until now, served on various shows and tours, including tours with ANVIL ("Anvil Is Anvil" European Tour 2016), DESTRUCTION ("Europe Under Attack" Tour 2017) and many more!
The instrument is signed by the whole band and will be shipped with a touring gig-bag!

Make your bid at Ebay!


"YOU ASKED FOR IT" Track-by-Track Interview online!
REZET got interviewed about every track of the new EP "You Asked For It".
Watch the Facebook video down below to get first hand info about musically and lyrically developments of each of the 4 songs... Enjoy!


Upcoming shows!
Catch the band at the following dates:

September 16: T-Stube, Rendsburg (GER)
September 23: Long Heavy Night, Eschwege (GER)
October 14: Full Metal Ship, Hamburg (GER)
November 10-11: Metal Hammer Paradise, Weissenhäuser Strand (GER)
November 18: Jokus, Gießen (GER)


"YOU ASKED FOR IT" out now

REZET's latest studio effort "You Asked For It" is out now!

Listen to snippets of each track (a rad DEAD KENNEDYS-Cover included!) at REZET's Soundcloud channel!

Buy your signed copy today at our official merch store! Order the regular retailer version at Nuclear Blast or digitally at Amazon or Itunes!

Make Speed/Thrash great again!



Rezetbangers, the band will perform at this year's edition of Metal Hammer's finest: the "Metal Hammer Paradise"!

The festival will take place on November 10th & 11th at the Weissenhäuser Strand in Northern Germany. Other acts are classics such as KREATOR, TESTAMENT, POWERWOLF, DEATH ANGEL and more ...

For more informations visit Metal Hammer Paradise's official social media channels and web pages at:

Looking forward to meet every single one of you out there!

Make Speed/Thrash great again!


ANVIL says "Vote REZET!"

Vote here!



Rezetbangers, "Minority Erazer" - the single off of REZET's upcoming EP entitled "You Asked For It" (released September 1st) is out now!

The digital track can be purchased at your online retailer of choice. Get it via iTunes or via Amazon Music

Pre-order the EP from Nuclear Blast Records or EMP Music! Or pick up your signed copy directly at the band's official store!

"You Asked For It" will be in stores on September 1st.



REZET's brand new video is out now! Watch the single off of the band's upcoming EP entitled "You Asked For It" down below, presented by "Rock Hard" Megazine!

"Minority Erazer" was produced, mixed and mastered by Eike Freese @ Chameleon Studios in Hamburg, Northern Germany.

The video clip was directed and produced by Sebastian "Sebi" Vogt.

"Minority Erazer" is available digitally everywhere August 11th and can be pre-ordered at Itunes!

"You Asked For It" will be out September 1st via "Soulfood/Believe Digital". Pre-order your signed copy already at REZET's official merch store!

Official release concert @ "Meltdown Festival" - September 1st:

This is REZET 2017 - stay tuned for more, here at the band's official homepage and at all other REZET related social media sites.


"MINORITY ERAZER" premiere this Thursday by ROCK HARD!


Germany's leading Metal Megazine "ROCK HARD" will premiere REZET's new video for the track "Minority Erazer" this Thursday at 16:00 CET!

Minority Erazer will be the first single of the band's upcoming EP entitled "You Asked For It", out on September 1st!

Pre-order the single track at iTunes or order your signed copy of the EP directly at REZET's official merch store!


EP Release Show @ "Meltdown Festival"!

REZET will release and perform the upcoming EP "You Asked For It" live at this year's Meltdown Festival in Schuby, Northern Germany!

Stage time will be 23:00 (CET) on Friday, September 1st.

The EP can already pre-ordered here!


"YOU ASKED FOR IT" - Tracklist unveiled!


the tracklist of REZET's upcoming studio effort - entitled "You Asked For It" - has been unveiled for you:

  • 1. Minority Erazer
  • 2. Thrash Their Hate
  • 3. Friendly Fire
  • 4. Chemical Warfare (Dead Kennedys-Cover)

The EP will be out on September 1st via "Soulfood Music Distribution GmbH" and "Believe Digital" but can already pre-ordered here!


REZET officially endorsed by "Ernie Ball Strings" now!

REZET is now proudly endorsed by Ernie Ball, one of the biggest and best Guitar Strings brands in the world!

Used by your heroes such as Metallica, Clapton, Slash and the likes, the band will make sure to make your ears bleed equally!

A big "thank you" to Christian F. @ "Musik Meyer", the band's former producer Paddy Bieler and everybody else who made this possible!

Photo copyright:


"YOU ASKED FOR IT" - Cover unveiled!

REZET unveiled the cover art of their upcoming EP entitled "You Asked For It"!

The EP will be out on September 1st via Believe Digital / Soulfood GmbH on CD and digital.

Stay tuned for more informations about REZET's latest studio effort. A vinyl version is following later this year!

The artwork was once again drawn by the talented Northern German artist Markus Vesper.

Pre-Order your signed CD copy at the band's official merch store!


Pre-order MINORITY ERAZER now!

You can purchase the single of REZET's upcoming EP now already!

The track will be out on August 11th, but can be pre-ordered already on iTunes!

And - yes: you can already listen to the track and stream that song by voting for REZET to open up this year's edition of Metal Hammer Awards. Keep in mind, you can vote DAILY to increase your chances of winning exclusive VIP-Tickets!

Vote here!

Crank it Up – and: Make Thrash not war!



A sneak preview into the video clip of “Minority Erazer”. The whole video clip will be premiering soon – so stay tuned to and all other REZET social media channels!

“Minority Erazer” is the 1st single taken off the band's upcoming EP (released Sept. 1, 2017). The track will be available Aug 11th already and can be pre-ordered on iTunes!

Director: Sebastian Vogt (ActionTalks).



Here’s the match!

Please vote for us to have us perform at this September’s Metal Hammer Awards in Berlin (Germany)!!!

We are in the final draft of 6 bands to compete for this slot (alongside In Extremo and Orden Ogan). So, yes, we so much wanna rock that night – please vote for us in here! Make sure to switch on REZET at the band photos!

And: yes – you can listen to a brand new track in here, so double excitement!!!

More info on “Minority Erazer” (the voting track) soon – it will be the 1st single of our upcoming EP.

The single can be pre-ordered on iTunes!


Ricky, Bastian, Lucas & Bjarne


MINORITY ERAZER coming soon!

REZET shot a new video yesterday night, together with film makers team "Actiontalks" from Berlin, East Germany! The video will feature a brand new track entitled "Minority Erazer" off the band's upcoming EP. Stay tuned for release and more, Rezetbangers!


REZET to headline "Knightfest 2018"!

REZET are going to headline next year's edition of "Knightfest" in Hamburg, Northern Germany! The event will take place on April 14th 2018 as a charity organization, meant to support the "Kinderhospitz Sternenbrücke" in Hamburg. All money that is made from sold tickets will go to children who need all of our help. Be there and tell your friends!

More informations and inquieries at the official Facebook event!




as a Band coming from Northern Germany we felt the urge to write these lines to all of you - worldwide - out there. It's hard to summarize the hate and disbelief we feel right now. Hamburg's the city REZET has played the most shows ever so far, so we know almost every little spot of that beautiful place that is a bit more than 100km to the south of us. Plus: at moment we write this, we just finished the recordings of our upcoming EP in Hamburg.

World's leaders are gathering there and pretending to change the world into something better. They always have and always will, as long as we follow them. Too many facts make the current situation a smack in the face:

Why one of the biggest cities of the country? Why not somewhere at the countryside? Makes us think about a planned act in the first place.

Police brutality. We're witnessing cops beating the hell out of people. Mostly young, peaceful protesting men, women and teenies.

Protesters' brutality. There are people who use events like that to bring action into their boring lives. Cars, houses and existences of innocent families are going up in flames. You don't fight capitalism like that!

Understand that also Germany is a police state. Understand that maybe these actions were planned to go that way.

But don't give them the chance to blame you, to blame us. The ones that try something to change. Violence will always be the language of the weak.

And most of all, remember the innocent men, women and children who are suffering states like that EVERYDAY since their birth and maybe until the day they die. Now imagine living in places like these. Don't suppress them to pack their stuff (if they have any left) and flee to a uncertain, maybe better world...

Make love, not war.

Ricky, Bastian, Lucas & Bjarne


Making Of REZET's upcoming EP online!

REZET are currently recording brand new tracks that will be featured on an upcoming EP later this year...

The Studio of choice became legendary "Chameleon Studios" in Hamburg, Germany, run by Star-Producer Eike Freese (Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Kai Hansen [Helloween] and more...) who's also the man producing REZET's upcoming output!

The production is at its final process as you watch this video, stay tuned for more informations, here and at all other REZET social media sites.


Recording of REZET's upcoming release has begun!


the band has now officialy entered "Chameleon Studios" in Hamburg, Germany to record REZET's new, upcoming output. Ricky and producer Eike Freese (Deep Purple, Alice Cooper, Kai Hansen and more...) send a Metal "HI!" from this photo:


Happy Birthday, Bastian Santen!


New EP coming soon!

REZET met with Producer Eike Freese at legendary "Chameleon Studios" in Hamburg yesterday to discuss the follow-up release of the band's last studio album "Reality Is A Lie". The new output will be recorded from late June to early July and will be released soon after. Stay tuned for more infos about REZET's newest output!


REZET to support VOIVOD tomorrow in Rheine!

REZET are going to support legendary Prog-Thrashers VOIVOD during their "Post Society Tour" in Rheine, Germany, tomorrow night! For more infos and inquieries, go straight to the official Facebook event!


REZET supporting EXODUS tomorrow!

REZET are going to support legendary Bay-Area Heroes EXODUS during their "Blood in - blood out" Tour in Saarbrücken, Germany, tomorrow night! The show will take place at the "Garage", Doors are on 19:30 CET and REZET will open the Metal Rite at 20:00.

For more infos and tickets visit the official Facebook event!


REZET live at "Wilwarin Festival" tomorrow!

REZET are going to headline tomorrow's Skate-Stage at Wilwarin Festival in Ellerdorf, Northern Germany. Show starts at 19:30 CET and will feature material of the band's whole back catalogue as well as brand new songs! Don't miss this!


Win 3 signed CDs!

Exactly one year ago, our latest studio effort entitled "Reality Is A Lie" was released ... A lot has happened since then! To show you how thankful we are for all of you, we are giving away three signed copies of that record.

To participate in this, all you have to do is to like or share this post ... the winners will be randomly chosen in exactly 7 days!

You can still order the album and all other REZET Merch regulary at our official web shop!


Support slot for VOIVOD!

REZET is going to support legendary Prog-Thrashers VOIVOD during their "Post Society Tour" on June 10th in Rheine, Germany.
Fore more inquieries, infos and tickets, visit the official Facebook event:


New Material in Pre-Production!


The band is right now Demo-recording new Songs and will be doing the actual recordings in late June! The Studio of choice became legendary "Chameleon Studios" in Hamburg, Germany, run by Star-Producer Eike Freese (Deep Purple, Kai Hansen [Helloween] and more...) who will also be the man producing REZET's upcoming output!

Pre-Production, and mostly the main recordings in Hamburg, will be documented here and on all the other REZET-social media channels, for your enjoyment.


REZET officially endorsed by "Taurus Amplification" now!

REZET are now proudly endorsed by "Taurus Amplification" from Poland, thanks to A&R Jacek Loroch and everybody involved! Make sure to listen to the band's heaviest guitar sound ever at the upcoming Metal Rites:

  • June 3rd @ Wilwarin Festival, Ellerdorf (GER)
  • June 6th @ Garage, Saarbruecken (GER) (w/ Exodus)
  • September 23rd @ VIII.Long Heavy Night, Eschwege (GER)
  • October 14th @ Full Metal Ship, Hamburg (GER)

More dates TBA!


REZET at "Wilwarin Festival" this year!

REZET are confirmed for this year's edition of Wilwarin Festival in Ellerdorf, Northern Germany! The festival is happening on June 2nd and 3rd 2017 with REZET on Headline slot at the "Skate-Stage" on Saturday, June 3rd at 19:00 CET.

Northern German Thrashers, don't miss this!


Vinyls back in stock again!


REZET's LPs are available again at the band's official web shop! Grab your signed copy right now!


REZET to headline "Full Metal Cruise" in October!

REZET will be headliner at October's edition of "Full Metal Cruise" @ MS Stubnitz in Hamburg, Northern Germany. Support bands will be "Blackdraft" and "Das Beben", both hailing from Germany.

Special features will contain:

  • Trash Bingo with machine
  • Tattoo stand by Harry Hafensänger
  • Aftershow Party with DJs of Ballroom HH
  • Support of "Inklusion Muss Laut Sein"
  • different contests: win 2 WOA VIP Tickets for 2018

Be sure to check out the Facebook Fan Page!




send us your photos wearing the Band's Merch or anything else related to REZET! If you're missing the gear to show off your Rezetbanger-Status, head to our Online Store to shop your favourite merch product of ours 24/7!


REZET to support EXODUS this June!

Let's start the week with a blast!

REZET will be supporting another Thrash Metal legend, hailing from the Bay Area: EXODUS! The show will take place on June 6th at the "Garage" in Saarbrücken, Southern Germany. REZET frontman Ricky Wagner comments: "I got the honor to share the stage with one more of my musical heroes since I started the Band! Listen closely to my song writing, especially the debut "Have Gun, Will Travel" is full of Bay Area-ish material... can't wait for June, this is gonna be amazing!"

More informations and Ticket sales at the official Facebook event:


Drum-Cam Video online!


watch Bastian "attt" Santen moshing his DR Custom Kit last Saturday in Antwerp, Belgium @ "Toxic Waste Fest"


"Toxic Waste Fest" next Saturday!

REZET will be headlining the 4th edition of Belgium's ultimate Underground Metal festival entitled "Toxic Waste Fest".

The event will take place in Antwerpen and is happening on two days: a pre-party will be at "Kids" on Friday, March 17th while the actual festival will take place at "Club Kavka" on Saturday, March 18th with REZET headlining the evening.

BeNeLux Rezetbangers, see you at the show!



Already a month ago REZET's tour with Destruction and Nervosa happened ... Everybody had a blast as the trailer does prove:

REZET want to thank everyone who supported them in this tour - we hope to see you out there again. New live dates to be shared with you soon!

A giant "Thank You" also goes out to the great folks at Wacken Foundation, who helped big time in the two phenomenal tours with Anvil in fall and now with Destruction / Nervosa ... a big applause to this gentle cause and these great people!


Happy Birthday, Ricky Wagner!


New Shirts / Girlies available!

Rezetbangers, there are new "Reality Is A Lie" Shirts and Girlies now available at the official REZET Merch store! Limited edition, be the early bird...

Get yours here!


"Europe Under Attack 2017" Tour Video online!

Watch some highlights of REZET's recently played Tour as support for German Thrash Titans "Destruction" and Female-Power-Trio "Nervosa" from Brazil! Live footage, life on the road, Destruction frontman "Schmier" burning a REZET amp and much more stuff worth watching... enjoy and Metal on!


Tour with Destruction starts tomorrow!

Rezet's leg of the "Europe Under Attack" Tour starts tomorrow in Vienna, Austria! The routing will lead them also to Germany, Switzerland and Italy, as well as Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Bulgaria for the very first time, supporting legendary German Thrash Titans DESTRUCTION and female Power-Thrash-Trio NERVOSA from Brazil.

European Speed-Thrashers: mark the following dates in your calendars to get your dose of unique Metal this year!

  • 25.01. A Vienna - Viper Room
  • 26.01. SK Kosice - Colosseum
  • 27.01. D Leipzig - Hellraiser
  • 29.01. SK Nitra - Frankie Rock Club
  • 30.01. H Budapest - Dürer Kert
  • 31.01. RO Bucharest - Club Fabrica
  • 01.02. BG Sofia - Mixtape 5
  • 03.02. I Foggia – Karisma Hall
  • 04.02. I Rome – Orion Club
  • 05.02. I Florence – Cycle Club
  • 06.02. CH Solothurn - Kofmehl