Heiko Musolf

Date of birth
18th of March, 1996
Berlin, Germany
Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Member since
July 2018
Former Bands
Coast of Madness, Kieran Robertson (GB), Sunday Mayhem (still)
Favorite Bands
First love: AC/DC. Got me into Metal: MMM - Maiden, Motörhead, Manowar. Favourite Thrashers: Megadeth. Favourite Band of all time? Can't decide, but GNR are close for their nice Mix of Punk, Rock, Glam, Blues, Metal. I like a lil bit of everything on my dinner plate!
Favorite Movies
Every 80's Movie including Bar Fights, Time Travel and all that fancy stuff, also any good modern movies about ghost storys, space, philosophic and wicked stuff
Favorite TV Shows
Stranger Things, Ancient Aliens, Rick and Morty, Spongebob Squarepants
Favorite Books
Goethe - Italian Journey, Keith Richards - Life, Motley Crue - the dirt, Dr. med Eben Alexander - Proof of Heaven, Annie Kagan - the Afterlife of Billy Fingers
Favorite Meal
Indian cuisine, Lasagne (self-made, when it's old and warmed up), Banana split
Favorite Drink
any nice Tea, Mate Mate, König Ludwig Weißbier
Back then playing the guitar was my hobby, it already became my job and passion for life. New Hobby: Analyzing my friend's birth horoscopes and getting deeper into spiritual topics.
Favorite Sport
Keeping myself fit in the gym, probably surfing if I'd live near the seaside
Favorite Rezet Songs
Reality is a Lie, Metal Rite, The Quest, Out for Blood, Thunder Raiders
"Most people care about their future, I care about my eternity."
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