Used gear and personal band belongings for sale!

The band just launched a new fan package campaign where used and signed equipment, as well as personal stuff of the members, is sold via Bandcamp!


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.11!

Final track by track for the album's closing instrumental "Pile Of Shards". Watch what Ricky and Bastian have in mind about the epic last tune on "Deal With It!"


Writing album No. 5!

REZET began the song writing process of an upcoming full length studio record.
The band settled down in Schaalby - Northern Germany - at "Massa Ongo Studios / Limbolabs" once again, where they actually produced their first two studio albums - "Have Gun, Will Travel" and "Civic Nightmares" - as well as recorded several tracks for their "You Asked For It"-EP and the latest album "Deal With It!".
Stay tuned for updates regarding album No.5 and make sure to check all REZET social media sites, listed on top of this page, for more insight and news!


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.10!

Ricky and Bjarne about "Spiral Down", taken from the latest studio album "Deal With It!"


"Dead Or White" - Bass playthrough!

Bjarne performing one of his co-written songs in this new bass guitar playthrough down below. Enjoy!


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.9!

"Unity as one, divided by none!"


Donation gig this Saturday in Flensburg!

REZET will perform a spontaneous show at the "Hafermarkt" in Flensburg, Northern Germany, this Saturday!
All money will go to the Hafermarkt as part of a project to support the co-hosted venue "die ganze Baeckerei", an alternative bar/cafe that is part of the "Hafermarkt"-community of Flensburg.
Support your local music scene!


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.8!

Ricky about the eighth song from the new album, giving advice what not to do at your Halloween party tonight...


Happy Halloween!


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.7!

Ricky, Bastian and Bjarne talk "Chaos In My Mind", taken from the album "Deal With It!" - out on Metalville / Rough Trade!


Thank you, "Unleash The Kraken"-Festival!


"Unleash The Kraken" tomorrow!

REZET will be performing at the eighth edition of the "Unleash The Kraken" indoor festival in Ahrensburg/Hamburg, Northern Germany!
Other bands are DAGOBA, SURFACE and many more. Check out the flyer down below for all relevant infos:


"ALONE" out now!

REZET have just released their new video single off "Alone".
The band states on their official Facebook:

"The one you thought you would never hear...
About the feeling of isolation in a robot-like world: this one is for the loners!"

Alone was taken from REZET's latest studio album "Deal With It!" - out on Metalville / Rough Trade.
Check out the "Shop"-section on top of this page to purchase YOUR copy of the album: CD digi, vinyl, download - you decide!


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.6!

About the upcoming video single off "Alone".
To be released tomorrow at the band's official YouTube Channel!


New video single!

REZET will release a new Video/Single-off of the band's latest studio album "Deal With It!" this Friday!


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.5!

Ricky, Bjarne and Bastian talk "Thunder Raiders", the fifth song from the new album "Deal With It!"


Thank you, "Killfest" Tour!

REZET states on their official Facebook page:

"Thank you, 'Killfest' Tour!
Shoutouts to all Rezetbangers showing up, our friends in Destruction, our new buddies in Flotsam and Jetsam and Overkill for havin' us on this run.
We'll be back soon!"

Photo: Tim Heinemann


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.4!

The band about the fourth song of the new album "Deal With It!"


"Killfest" starts this Thursday!

The sequel of the infamous "Killfest" tour starts this Thursday - September 12th - in Porto and will lead the band alongside OVERKILL, DESTRUCTION and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM across Europe.
Check all tour dates in the trailer below and mark the show nearby your city in your calendars!

September 12th - Porto 🇵🇹
September 13th - Madrid 🇪🇸
September 14th - Barcelona 🇪🇸
September 15th - Toulouse 🇫🇷
September 16th - Lyon 🇫🇷
September 17th - Saarbrücken 🇩🇪
September 18th - Nürnberg 🇩🇪
September 19th - Oberhausen 🇩🇪
September 20th - Kassel 🇩🇪 (without Overkill)
September 21st - Jablonec 🇨🇿
September 22nd - Herford 🇩🇪
September 23rd - Wiesbaden 🇩🇪
September 24th - Antwerp 🇧🇪


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.3!

The boyz talk about the title track of the new album: "Deal With It!"


"Treadmill To Hell" live!

Check out REZET's brand new live clip featuring 'Treadmill To Hell', shot during the band's latest festival appearance at "Schuby Open Air"!


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.2!

Ricky, Bastian and Bjarne talk about the second song of "Deal With It!", enjoy!


"Behind Glass" playthrough online!

Watch Ricky perform the first song from the latest studio album "Deal With It!" in this acoustic guitar playthrough down below:


"Track-by-Track-Thursday" No.1!

Watch Ricky and Bjarne talk about the first song from the latest studio album "Deal With It!", released on February 22nd via Metalville / Rough Trade.


"Deal With It!" turns half a year!

The band states at their official Facebook:
"'Deal With It!' turns half a year on the 22nd of this month! We're gonna dig a little deeper in and unveil more background info about our latest album for you all out there... Track by tracks, playthroughs and more is gonna be unleashed for you from now on! Stay tuned..."


"Deal With It!" - sunglasses!

Exclusively available at the band's upcoming shows to rock some new shades!

Check out the "Tour" - section to find all tour dates comin'!


Thank you, "Schuby Open Air"!


REZET to headline "Schuby Open Air" this Friday!
Rezetbangers from Northern Germany and nearby:
The boyz will be headlining the "Schuby Open Air" in the very North of Germany, close to the band's hometown of Schleswig.

REZET will hit the stage this Friday, August 9th on 21:45.
Don't miss out! A personal post from the band revealed hints that the show is going to be a "special rite!"




REZET joining "KILLFEST" Tour in September!

The band just released this press announcement today:

"Rezetbangers, after we wrapped up the tour with our Brazilian friends in Nervosa just last month, letting both media and fans ask for more, we are thrilled to present a phenomenal package for this September across Europe: we will be touring with iconic Overkill, our buddies in Destruction and US-legends Flotsam and Jetsam, conquering Europe on the sequel of the brilliant "Killfest"-billing. Check all dates at one glance below:

Sept. 12 - Porto, PT @ "Hard Club"
Sept. 13 - Madrid, ES @ "La Rivierra"
Sept. 14 - Barcelona, ES @ "Salamandra"
Sept. 15 - Toulouse, FR @ "Totem"
Sept. 16 - Lyon, FR @ "Villeurbanne"
Sept. 17 - Saarbrücken, DE @ "Garage"
Sept. 18 - Nürnberg, DE @ "Der Hirsch"
Sept. 19 - Oberhausen, DE @ "Turbinenhalle"
Sept. 20 - TBA
Sept. 21 - Jablonec, CZ @ "Eurocentrum"
Sept. 22 - Herford, DE @ "X"
Sept. 23 - Wiesbaden, DE @ "Schlachthof"
Sept. 24 - Antwerp, BE @ "Trix"

We hope to see many of you!"


Chaos in my mind!

The band just released a brand new music video, featuring another thrashing tune from the current studio album "Deal With It!"
Check the video for "Chaos In My Mind" down below and crank it up!


Happy Birthday, Bastian "attt" Santen!


Message from Ricky!


REZET to support TANKARD!

The band will support Teutonic Thrash Metal pioneers "Tankard" in late May of next year!

Says Ricky Wagner of REZET:
"We can't wait to share the stage with one of our first influences, again! People can expect a very special and furious show, for sure!
REZET already supported Tankard in 2008, while we had our very first gig in Belgium ever! Another historical fact is, that "Violator" from Brazil played their very first European show at all during that night! So having this all in mind, I have a very strong bond towards Tankard and could tell another bunch of crazy stories. Maybe will do live on stage in May 2020 then, ha!"

Official Facebook Event!

Buy your tickets HERE!


REZET at "Unleash the Kraken VIII"!

REZET to perform at the upcoming, eighth eidition of the "Unleash the Kraken" - Fest in Ahrensburg, near Hamburg, Germany!
Check out the flyer down below, more bands to be announced soon!

When? - October 19th, 2019. Where? - Juki42, Ahrensburg (GER).
7 Bands for only 20€, mark the date in your calenders and see ya soon!


REZET interviewed by "Bleeding4Metal"!

Ricky and Bastian have been interviewed by Bleeding4Metal, right before the band's show in Munich, GER.
The show was part of the recently played European Tour in support of REZET's new album "Deal With It!"

Read the interview HERE!


Thank you, Europe!


"Deal With It!" European Tour kickoff!

REZET will hit the road in support of their latest studio album "Deal With It!"
First show tomorrow night in Erfurt, Germany - one of many shows as support of Brazil's Power-Thrash-Trio NERVOSA!

Check out all tour dates and stop by:

18.04.19 DE – Erfurt / From Hell
19.04.19 CZ – Zlin / Masters of Rock Cafe
20.04.19 DE – Leipzig / Hellraiser ***
21.04.19 DE – Berlin / Nuke Club
23.04.19 DE – Logo / Hamburg
24.04.19 DK – Copenhagen / Stengade
25.04.19 SE – Gothenburg / Sticky Fingers
26.04.19 SE – Huskvarna / Folkets Park
29.04.19 DE – Köln / Helios 37
30.04.19 NL – Den Bosch / Record Hustler ***
01.05.19 BE – Roeselare / De Verlichte Geest
02.05.19 NL – Utrecht / dB's
03.05.19 DE – Trier /mjc Mergener Hof
04.05.19 CH – St-Maurice / Manoir
05.05.19 CH – Bern / Gaskessel
07.05.19 DE – Frankfurt / Nachtleben
08.05.19 DE – München / Backstage Halle
09.05.19 AT – Wien / Viper Room
10.05.19 HR – Zagreb / Valhalla Festival
11.05.19 SK – Kosice / Colloseum

*** (without Nervosa)


"Sunday's Sermon" No.4!

Interview by actiontalks from Berlin, Germany.
Watch the boyz talk about REZET things that matter recently!
Part 4: sources of inspiration.


"Deal With It!" European Tour starting next week!
The band will hit European roads in support of the new studio album "Deal With It!", starting next Thursday in Erfurt, Germany!
New shows have been added to the route including Leipzig (GER) and Den Bosch (NL)!

REZET "Deal With It!" - European Tour at one glance:

18.04.19 @ "From Hell" in Erfurt, GER
19.04.19 @ "Masters Of Rock Café" in Zlin, CZ
20.04.19 @ "Hellraiser" in Leipzig, GER
21.04.19 @ "Nuke Club" in Berlin, GER
23.04.19 @ "Logo" in Hamburg, GER
24.04.19 @ "Stengade" in Copenhagen, DK
25.04.19 @ "Sticky Fingers" in Gothenburg, SE
26.04.19 @ "Folkets Park" in Huskvarna, SE
29.04.19 @ "Helios 37" in Cologne, GER
30.04.19 @ "Record Hustler" in Den Bosch, NL
01.05.19 @ "De Verlichte Geest" in Roeselare, BE
02.05.19 @ "dB's" in Utrecht, NL
03.05.19 @ "MJC Mergener Hof" in Trier, GER
04.05.19 @ "Manoir" in St. Maurice, CH
05.05.19 @ "Gaskessel" in Bern, CH
07.05.19 @ "Nachtleben" in Frankfurt, GER
08.05.19 @ "Backstage" in Munich, GER
09.05.19 @ "Viper Room" in Vienna, AT
10.05.19 @ "Valhalla Festival" in Zagreb, HR
11.05.19 @ "Colloseum" in Kosice, SK


Happy Birthday, Bjarne Otto!


"Sunday's Sermon" No.3!

Interview by actiontalks from Berlin, Germany.
Watch the boyz talk about REZET things that matter recently!
Part 3: should bands be political?


No Plan B!

Check out the band's new lyric video featuring another killer speed metal track off of the new album "Deal With It!" down below!


"Sunday's Sermon" No.2!

Interview by actiontalks from Berlin, Germany.
Watch the boyz talk about REZET things that matter recently!
Part 2: the influences of "Deal With It!"


"Deal With It!" patches out now!

check out the band's brand new patches, exclusively available at the official REZET store!


"Sunday's Sermon" No.1!

Interview by actiontalks from Berlin, Germany.
Watch the boyz talk about REZET things that matter recently!
Part 1: the meaning of "Deal With It!"


Happy birthday, Heiko Musolf!


"Deal With It!" limited Vinyls!

Rezetbangers, limited Vinyl versions of "Deal With It!" are now available at the official REZET store!
These LPs feature customized spray stencils to tag the band's battle cry - RISE - global wide! Check out the presentation video down below:


"Deal With It!" Shirts and Girlies!

Check out the brand new merchandise articles at the band's official REZET store today!
New tees and women sized shirts - featuring the new album's cover art - are available now. More additional merchandise is on its way, as well!


Tour update!


Some new shows have been added to the upcoming "Deal With It!" - European Tour as support of Brazil's NERVOSA!
More will be announced soon, so make sure to check back again!


"Meltdown" Interview!

Ricky and attt being interviewed by their home based Metal crew "Meltdown".
German interview in the the band's home town Schleswig, enjoy!


Happy birthday, Ricky Wagner!


"Deal With It" OUT NOW!

today is the day!

REZET's fourth full length studio album titled "Deal With It!" is officialy out now!
Released via Metalville Records / Rough Trade on Vinyl, CD Digipack, Download and Stream, this record marks another milestone in the band's career!

Purchase your copy at your retailer of choice HERE!

Or order your limited, signed vinyl straight at the official REZET store today!


Signing pre-orders and first unboxing!

Purchase your limited vinyl version (incl. a "RISE!" - stencil) at Merchland!


Album player online!

On February 22nd 2019, REZET will release the new studio album "Deal With It!".

Listen to snippets of each track now and order your copy HERE!


Spraypainting the news!

"Deal With It!" is on its way!
Out on February 22nd via Metalville / Rough Trade.

Pre-order the album at your retailer of choice!


REZET at "StoefenparkRock 2019"!

REZET are announcing their first festival appearance for this year!

Taking place in Marne, Northern Germany, the "StoefenparkRock" festival is an alternative music festival that holds a couple of thousand people in the beautiful countryside of Schleswig-Holstein.

For tickets and more info concerning the event, go visit the official Homepage!


Follow REZET on Spotify!


Follow the band on Spotify to listen to all releases. Albums, EPs, singles...
Missing parts of the discography are now in Spotify's hands and will be uploaded very soon. You asked for it... you'll get it!
And then - of course - deal with it!


"Treadmill To Hell" out now!

REZET is back!
"Treadmill To Hell" marks the official vibrant prelude to an album, that by far sees the Teutonic fourpiece's music as diverse as never heard before.
A must listen to!

"Treadmill To Hell" is available now and you may also order the full album "Deal With It!" (official release date - Feb. 22nd, 2019) HERE!
CD, digipak, Vinyl, download, stream - your choice!

Video directed by: Sebastian Vogt / actiontalks


"Treadmill To Hell" - release this Friday!

REZET's new single and video "Treadmill To Hell" will be released this Friday, January 25th!
While the music was once again recorded at "Chameleon Studios" in Hamburg, GER together with Eike Freese, the video clip was directed and cut by Sebastian Vogt of "actiontalks", who shot the band's previous music video "Minority Erazer" in the summer of 2017, as well.

"Treadmill To Hell" is taken from the band's upcoming, fourth studio album "Deal With It!" that will be released on February 22nd via "Metalville" Records.
Available on vinyl, CD digipack and digital.

Pre-order the album NOW!


European Tour - Tickets!

REZET will hit the road with Brazialian Thrash-Trio NERVOSA this spring, in support of the upcoming record "Deal With It!". The tour will lead the bands to many European countries, some have been played by REZET before, some will face shows for the very first time in the band's career!

Make sure to purchase your tickets fast! Don't miss this double dose of Metal in April and May of this year!

14.04.2019 (IT) MILAN / Legend Club - TICKETS

15.04.2019 (IT) ROME / Traffic Club - TICKETS

18.04.2019 (DE) ERFURT / From Hell - TICKETS

19.04.2019 (CZ) ZLIN / Masters Of Rock Cafe - TICKETS

21.04.2019 (DE) BERLIN / Nuke Club - TICKETS

23.04.2019 (DE) HAMBURG / Logo - TICKETS

24.04.2019 (DK) COPENHAGEN / Stengade - TICKETS

25.04.2019 (SE) GOTHENBURG / Sticky Fingers - TICKETS

26.04.2019 (SE) HUSKVARNA / Folkets Park - TICKETS

30.04.2019 (DE) LUENEN / Luekaz - TICKETS

01.05.2019 (BE) ROESELARE / De Verlichte Geest - TICKETS

02.05.2019 (NL) UTRECHT / dB's - TICKETS

03.05.2019 (DE) TRIER / mjc Mergener Hof - TICKETS

04.05.2019 (CH) ST.MAURICE / Manoir - TICKETS

05.05.2019 (CH) BERN / Gaskessell - TICKETS

07.05.2019 (DE) FRANKFURT / Nachtleben - TICKETS

08.05.2019 (DE) MUENCHEN / Backstage Halle - TICKETS

09.05.2019 (AT) WIEN / Viper Room - TICKETS

10.05.2019 (HR) ZAGREB / Valhalla Festival - TICKETS


@ Radio Gong tonite!

"Deal with it!" - the upcoming album and recent video release - makes its way thru the global press. Tonite, "Radio Gong Nuremberg" is talking about REZET's new music and record, 20:00 CET.

Stream it live at:


Pre-ordering "Deal With It!"

The new REZET album "Deal With It!" will be released by Metalville Records on February 22nd!

Pre-order your signed copy directly at the official REZET store today!


Shooting new music video!

A new music video is in the making! Shot shortly before the end of 2018...

Directed by Sebastian Vogt (actiontalks) once again, the video will feature a first single of the upcoming REZET record "Deal With It!".


Happy new year!