"Have Gun, Will Travel" anniversary collection!

We proudly present our collaboration with "Poser667 Productions" for an exclusive collection, celebrating 10 years of REZET's debut album "Have Gun, Will Travel"!
This collection features Shirts, Girlies, Baseball Raglans, Longsleeves, Hoodies and Zippers, as well as very unique 3D-Metal-Pins.

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10 years "Have Gun, Will Travel"!

Celebrating the band's debut album's 10th birthday!
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There's some things in the pipelines!


Happy birthday, Bastian Santen!


"Thunder Raiders" video out now!

REZET just released a final video off of the latest studio album entitled "Deal With It!".

The featured track is "Thunder Raiders", the very song the band's frequently used cry "RISE!" got its origin from.
Ricky Wagner comments on song and video:

"Brothers and sisters, friends and followers, dearest Rezetbangers,

When you release a video, you usually let the pictures and the music speak for themselves. That usually is statement enough.
Whilst we wanted to drop one more video off of our latest album 'Deal With It!', basically ever since we wrote the track sometime in 2018, we had no idea how much 2020 would undermine the whole objective behind 'Thunder Raiders'.
That very rather untypical REZET song ever since is our cry for justice and we wanted to shout it out loud for a long time already. The most recent (global) movements to articulate injustice and rise up against unequal legislative and executive treatment screamed to have the video out at long last. Yet - it’s not about utilizing the murderer of George Floyd for promotional reasons. By far not. It goes way beyond. The tragic kind of oppressors’ violence isn't meant to glorify a music video. What it is? It is no science-fiction, it is no fairy tale, it's reality, and this reality is no lie. "Thunder Raiders" is our cry for justice for every human being on this planet. We don't differ in heritage, religious believes, colour of skin or whatsoever. We are all one.

Most lyrics of the album 'Deal With It!' are on (contemporary) global topics and we are often asked if REZET is a political band. We tend to deny that question, because politics never was our primary drive to perform music. But writing lyrics, it’s a reflection of the writer’s world. It's about topics that make us think about birth, life, death - and the journey in between. We encourage everyone to be awake in times where truth is hard to be noticed and to stand up for human rights, not only your own or your loved ones’, but everyone's. Stand up and intervene when injustice is being done. Violence causes violence, either ways. We appeal to words, wisdom and love. Justice must find its way, period!
Stand up - when injustice makes its way to danger our nature of being free and equal. Take advantage of your nature given power to question things, to learn and to love.



STAY AT HOME LIVE - show online!

REZET's recently performed streamed show is online now!
Visit the YouTube link to witness last Saturday's Metal Rite now in your homes, again!


Live stream show tomorrow!

Go to YouTube to watch the show!


Streaming live this Saturday!

The day of this very show, REZET would have played Hamburg, Germany, along with Teutonic thrash icons TANKARD.
This package had been pushed back to Sept. 10, 2021 due to the current Corona restrictions. BUT:
REZET is happy to present you some headbanging tunes in these oh so weird times – live on stage from the "Kulturpalast" in Hamburg, Northern Germany!

Follow the Official Facebook event to get to the stream!


Finalizing demos!


Stay at home live!

REZET will stream a full HD concert live on YouTube on May 30th, 21:00 CET!

The show will take place at the "Kulturpalast" in Billstedt, Hamburg - Northern Germany, and was originally meant to feature Teutonic Thrash legends TANKARD as headlining act, as well!
This concert had to be postponed to September of next year (see flyer down below), but REZET will be performing for an online audience - for the first time ever! - on the actual date.

Follow the Official Facebook event and join the Metal Rite!


Powered by Spotify!

Rezetbangers, donate for your touring musicians in these uncommon times!
Shoutout to Spotify for setting up a charity link that allows all of you to support the boyz doin' what we all love to do.
We hope to see you live again soon, until then: stay sane everyone!

Donate HERE!


Status Quo from Ricky!


Happy birthday, Bjarne Otto!


Message from REZET!

The band states on their official Facebook:
"Rezetbangers, enjoy the incoming spring.
Even if we're isolated now, we know better times are ahead.
If something isn't good, it hasn't come to an end, as they say.
See you soon!"


Happy birthday, Heiko Musolf!


Facebook live stream!

the boyz will be streaming live on their Facebook, tomorrow 13:00 CET!


Back to writing!


Russian cancellation!

Dearest Russian Rezetbangers,
it comes with a super heavy (Metal) heart that we are forced to cancel our upcoming Russia Tour, due to reasons beyond our power, namely the much-quoted Corona-Virus.
Due to global travel restrictions, no one, at this stage, can foresee the travel in one day, not to mention in the course of the next 15 days…
There is no guarantee for us to even make it into Russia. Not to mention how exiting the country back into Germany in roughly 2 weeks would look like.
We even had been discouraged to start any travel by German authorities, who again issue travel-warnings and recommendations in cooperation with Russian officials…
Therefore, we sadly need to announce the postponement of the tour dates in Russia this March.
But this comes with a promise: we will be re-scheduling all shows possible as soon as travel restrictions had been banned and we can foresee how and when touring will be possible again.

Please bear with us in these difficult times. We are truly sorry, but promise to be back soon!


"Dealing With Russia" - Teaser online!

REZET will tour Russia by next week, to perform 13 headline shows all across the country:

14.3. - Moscow @ Peak Sound
15.3. - Velikie Luki @ Hellblock 13
16.3. - Ryazan @ Svoboda
17.3. - Arzamas @ Uran
18.3. - Samara @ Podval
19.3. - Magnitogorsk @ Gibson
20.3. - Chelyabinsk @ Ozz
21.3. - Ulyanovsk @ Biker Club House
22.3. - Cheboksary @ Sky Bar
24.3. - Izhevsk @ Bunker
25.3. - Glazov @ Hard Machine
26.3. - Kirov @ Old Biker's Pub
27.3. - Ivanovo @ Bunker


Pedal To The Metal!

REZET to headline "Pedal To The Metal" in Copenhagen, Denmark!
After playing the Danish capital in spring of 2019, alongside NERVOSA from Brazil, the boys will return almost exactly a year later to headline.
Special guests will be new Danish horror punk outfit ARCHANGEL - so make sure you're not allergic to blood!


Happy birthday, Ricky Wagner!


Dealing With Russia!

REZET announce Russian headline tour for next month!
The band states on their official Facebook:

"Матушка Россия!
REZET to tour Russia in March of this year!
After our successful trip supporting M:PIRE OF EVIL (now known as VENOM INC.) there in 2015, we're coming back for you exactly five years later! Spread the word and tell your friends, we can't wait to thrash with you all again!"


50 years of Heavy Metal!

"Today - 50 years ago - history was made.
Our reason to exist and our call to shape generations to come has been unleashed half a decade ago.
Be it Osbourne's haunting vocals, Iommi's devilish Tritone and riffs, Butler's virtuosity or Ward's swinging and thundering drums: this will - for us and most of you - always be remembered as the birth of Metal.
These days, this music is stronger than ever and still unites those who follow its path.
To honor this legacy, we're in the midst of writing our tribute to this fateful date for our next release.
Celebrate today by putting this milestone of musical history on and look forward to many more decades of Heavy Metal thunder rolling your way...
Thank you, Black Sabbath!"


Update from Ricky!

Says the frontman on his social media sites:
"We're currently preparing ourselves for new assaults: writing music for another release and starting to rehearse for live shows. First shows confirmed already but more is in the pipeline... Stay tuned!"

Photo: ChriskroppFotografie


Mosh im Mai!

REZET will be headlining the 16th edition of "Mosh im Mai" in Kiel, Northern Germany!
Check out the flyer below and visit the official event pages for more!


Writing new music!

REZET visited "Limbolabs/Masa Ongo" - studios in Schaalby (Northern Germany) to continue the writing process of new material.
A new release is planned to be recorded later this year, stay tuned for more news - here and on all official REZET social media sites, listed on top of this page!


REZET confirmed for "Der Hafen rockt"!

REZET will be performing at the 17th edition of "Der Hafen rockt", an alternative festival in Husum - Northern Germany.
The line-up features newcomers and cult bands, check the flyer down below!

REZET stage time: 19:55 CET!


Happy new year!